Payroll Processing Services

Does Payroll Processing in your company pose these challenges?

Dealing with sensitive data that is confidential
Making complex calculations error-free
Meeting many regulatory requirements
Addressing client queries and generating MIS reports
Time consuming processing of payroll (can be very expensive in-house)

Outsource your payroll processing to Value Insource! Our payroll processing service is the best, and saves you from all the hassles.

Payroll Processing Service from Value Insource offers the following features:

  • Net wages are computed after factoring in leave, reimbursements, taxes, deductions, benefits and loan recovery.
  • Complex calculations are carried out accurately.
  • Salary revisions are handled.
  • Service is scalable and can cater to high volumes.
  • Confidentiality of sensitive data is assured.
  • Disbursement of wages and pay-slip generation taken care of.
  • Queries from company management or employees on salary, benefits, deductions, and leave details are allowed.
  • Statutory Compliance requirements are met.
    • Provident Fund benefits
    • Employees’ State Insurance
    • Professional Tax
    • Income Tax
    • Pay-slip generation
    • ESIC challan
    • PF challan
    • PT challan
  • Statutory Reports can be generated.
  • MIS Reports can be generated
    • Leave Reports
    • IT Reports
    • Bank Advice Statement

The benefits to your company are manifold – significant cost savings in terms of manpower & infrastructure, greater accuracy & data security and freeing HR resources for core activities.

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