Regulatory Compliance Services

Running any business comes with a need to comply with a number of statutory requirements. The consequences of any inadvertent slip-up could be serious. You will be familiar with the following:

Dealing with a number of complex labour laws and statutory compliance requirements
Ensuring that you meet all regulatory requirements
Omissions due to numerous and obscure requirements, with serious consequences
HR department needs to spend an inordinate amount of time and it may well be impossible to have enough expertise to ensure all compliance requirements

At Value Insource, we have experts well-versed in labour laws and regulatory requirements, who can ensure that your organisation meets the various compliance criteria. We offer the following:

  • Statutory compliance for both our clients as well as any of our employees our clients might have outsourced.
  • Ensuring compliance with labour laws.
  • Ensuring compliance with requirements of various regulatory bodies.
  • Preparation of statutory reports.
  • Validation of licenses.
  • Payroll compliance auditing.
  • Compliance to the regulations specified under the following:
    • PF & Miscellaneous Provisions Act
    • ESI Act
    • Minimum Wages Act
    • Bonus Act
    • Labour Welfare Fund
    • Professional Tax Act
    • Maternity Benefit Act
    • Payment of Wages Act
    • Contract Labour Regulation & Abolition Act
      • Registration Certificate will be obtained for all applicable contractors of the establishment
      • Maintenance of all registers, records and returns (individual contractor-wise) in connection with Contract Labour Regulation Act
      • Statutory remittance in connection with applicable labour laws (ESI, PF etc.)
      • Periodical Audit of Contractor Compliances
      • Co-ordination of Employee Grievance and Redressal
      • Liaison with Government Authorities
    • Factories Act
      • Registration and Licenses (New / Renewal / Amendment)
      • Industrial Safety Audit & Certifications
      • Statutory Displays and Notices
      • Statutory Returns and Remittance
      • Audit of Various Contractors’ Compliances
      • Handling Inspection
    • Shop & Establishment Act
      • Registration and Licenses (New / Renewal / Amendment)
      • Statutory Displays and Notices
      • Maintaining all the Statutory Registers prescribed under the act
      • Handling Statutory Inspection
      • Liaison with Government Authorities
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When you use the Regulatory Compliance Service from Value Insource, you can rest easy knowing that a team of experts will help ensure your organisation is fully compliant with various regulatory requirements. There will be significant savings in time and cost.

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