Staffing Services

When it comes to meeting your company’s staffing requirements, you may have dealt with one or more of the following:

Uncertain demand for certain kind of staff makes it impractical to incorporate them as part of your permanent workforce
Considerable difficulties are there in scaling the workforce either up or down at short notice
Complex regulations need to be complied with for each member you have on your workforce
Human Resources team spends too much time dealing with staffing issues –- time that could be better used for permanent staff development and on core issues

You are not alone! When it comes to requirement of resources, companies often face several challenges. We, at Value Insource, offer a Staffing Service that takes care of these problems for you!

Here are the features of the Staffing Service of Value Insource:

  • We provide the right candidate for your needs, across a wide range of industries such as Accounting, Aviation, BFSI, Construction, Fitness, Healthcare, Hospitality, IT & ITES, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, Security Services, and Transport.
  • We are not constrained by geographical location. Our network is spread wide across the country.
  • Our resource pool ensures that your requirement across organisational levels can be met with ease, irrespective of whether it is an individual or a team of people.
  • Your urgent or immediate requirements too can be met from our large workforce.
  • Scaling your workforce up or down is easy and trouble free. Employee benefits and compliance issues for the outsourced staff are taken care of.

You will save enormously on the costs of hiring, training, termination, employee benefits, compliance and administration, when you use our Staffing Service. Your HR department will be free to focus on core issues.

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